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The story behind Exalte® and what Exalte® stands for :​

  • To be free in body and in mind.​
  • To be free to ride your whole life long and to always feel confident and happy in all situations.
  • To be free to opt for durable, environmentally friendly materials be it for intensive or occasional use.
  • To be free to own and adapt your equipment according to fashion and to the inspirations of the moment.

Exalte® more than just a brand, a way of life ...

Exalte® is designed to allow each and every rider to be exactly themselves, EXACTLY ME !

Exalte® values are inflexible and driven by innovation, design and technology

Respecting traditions - Cutting-edge technologies - environmentally friendly innovation

To guarantee its promise, Exalte® has opted for high-end aluminum with unique technological properties:

The quality of the aluminum used for the arch and other components of the Exalte® stirrups is statement that underlines our mission and our commitment to quality and performance.

All the components of the Exalte® stirrups are manufactured in France, in the heart of an area known as the Turbo industrial capital of the world.

This place concentrates the best engineers in the world specialized in research and development for extreme uses in the aeronautics and motorsports sector such as Formula 1.

Innovation and reliability characterize this French industry where internationally known prestigious brands come to imagine and design their prototypes. It is therefore natural that the Exalte® brand was born at the heart of a high-tech company driven by competitive riding enthusiasts.

The Exalte® stirrups come directly from a manufacturing site that manufactures the world’s most sought-after aluminiums.

Thus, whether in terms of component selection or design and quality processes, Exalte® certifies that these stirrups are derived from industrial methods that meet excellence criteria in accordance with the requirements of state-of-the-art technologies.

Confronting the specific needs of riding while preserving tradition and design could only be imagined in aeronautical Aluminium thus allowing innovation in complete safety while defying the laws of gravity and  optimizing the bio-mechanics of the rider.

The invention of an interchangeable inclined foot rest sets the Exalte® stirrups one step ahead of all other brand available on the market.

This pure innovation, subject of numerous patents filed by the Exalte® R&D unit, ensures the rider to discover a truly unique experience. As soon as the rider puts his/her foot into the Exalte® Oriented Aero Aluminum Stirrup he/she discovers a new riding experience.

The aeronautical aluminum used in the Exalte® stirrip contains magnesium and silicon. These components form an alloy that makes the Exalte® caliper ultra resistant (Airbus and Boeing use the same alloy). As a result, the Exalte® is a first-of-its-kind response to the pursuit of performance, well-being on horseback and style for detail-conscious riders who value exceptional products.

Exalte® Exactly me !

Angled Exalte® Stirrups

One of the key innovations of the Exalte® stirrups that sets them aside from all other stirrups on the market is the angled Exalte® model. The arches of our Angled Exalte® Stirrups are set at a diagonal angle in the foot rests.

Since this diagonalisation is technically located at the lower part of the stirrup, the horse and rider centers of gravity align thus increasing the natural balance of the rider.

At the stop, walk, trot, canter or during lateral exercises, while jumping or during dressage, the orientation of the arch and the incline of the foot rest combine to offer exceptional stability.

Also, the ideal positioning of the rider’s leg becomes natural, the absence of stress or seeking balance reduces muscle strain and reduces fatigue or the risk of injury.

From ankles to knees to hips, the Exalte® Angled Stirrups are designed to restore pleasure and well-being on horseback. By increasing confidence, muscle contractions are reduced and precision and control are increased.

The pendulum effect, (tilting of the stirrup from front to back) is considerably reduced by the angle on of the stirrup. The diagonalization of the arch allows the rider to naturally find the position of his foot in the stirrup.

Thanks to the increased surface, it has never been easier to correctly position your foot in your stirrups.

The risk of losing a stirrup becomes anecdotal. The support surface is slightly increased on the outside of the floor, making the release of the foot easier.

The unique character of the Exalte stirrups opens up a whole new panel of riding sensations as well as absolute comfort.

Exalte® Classic Stirrups

A pair of stirrups with a more conventional design but with all the attributes and character traits of the Exalte® Angles stirrups.

True to tradition, classic stirrups have the arch aligned with the foot rest.

The riding sensations are exceptional and incorporate all the components specifically developed for all Exalte® stirrups, indeed, all the innovations of the Exalte® Angled stirrups except its diagonalization with the foot rest can be found in the Classic Collection.

Exalte® Exactly me !

Exalte® Inserts  :

Imagining that « one angle suits all » for a stirrup footrest would be to totally disregard the different equestrian activities and the variety of age, shapes, sizes, and experience in which riders come.

Inventiveness knows no bounds and the high-end Exalte® stirrups have risen to the challenge creating a footrest with an adjustable angle.

The research and development unit in charge of the manufacture of the Exalte® stirrups, after analyzing the natural position of several riders, has identified 4 incline positions that should allow each individual to optimize his riding.

Each Exalte® stirrup owner can adapt the inclination of the Exalte® floors to their needs and in complete autonomy.

The Exalte® inserts can be interchanged in order to choose from four different degrees:

- Exalte® 0° inserts for riders enjoying a perfectly flat

- Exalte® 3° Inserts for riders wanting a slightly sloping footrest

- Exalte® 6° inserts for jumpers looking for a distinctly sloped footrest

- Exalte® 9° inserts for riders who naturally ride with very low heels

The Exalte® inserts can be changed  quickly and easily with the provided key.

The interchangeability of the inserts is achieved by simply unscrewing/screwing the two stainless screws located under the footrest.

Exalte® Exactly Me !

Exalte® Shock Absorber :

Like a sensory catalyst,  the Exalte stirrups optimize the movements initiated by the rider while absorbing the shock waves transmitted to the joints and  muscles.

The vibrations caused by the impact of the horses movements are diffused by the shock absorbers the rider is more fixed and better balanced and the horse is more comfortable, particularly in his back.

Day after day, the repetition of parasitic postural compensations are responsible for muscle tension, and joint pains. Thanks to X-jump stirrups, riders rediscover the pleasure of easy balance and relaxed joints when riding, enabling them to be more at one with their horse and better use their natural seat.

The special feature of the Shock Absorber Exalte® is its structure, but also its position in the stirrup. The Shock Absorber Exalte® fits into the entire periphery of the floor, ensuring maximum efficiency in all situations or areas of rider support.

While stopping the vibrations, the Shock Absorber Exalte® adapts its behavior according to the intensity of the impact:

- With firmness during powerful impacts, for maximum dynamism and safety

- With suppleness when applying discreet aides for maximum precision and comfort

Riders who are subject to fragile ankles, knees and hips and rider suffering from back or neck muscles pains will appreciate the outstanding effects of the Exalte® Shock Absorbers.

In order to fulfill expectations and to reinforce without any negligence the promise of a vibration free experience, cylindrical elements are carefully crimped and inserted by hand, thus cutting all transmission of shock waves between the floor and its support.

Riders who want to preserve their health by opting for Exalte® stirrups are guaranteed unparalleled comfort. In addition to satisfy attention to detail and aesthetics, the  Exalte® Shock Absorber comes in a variety of different colors and can easily be changed to suit you look of the day !

Like all Exalte® components, the Exalte® Shock Absorber can be purchased separately in order to replace or revamp your stirrups.

Exalte® Exactly me !

Exalte® Foot rests :

Exalte foot rests offer a sleek design, a firm grip, a slightly curved shape, and the ideal width to accommodate all types of boots.

The Exalte® Classic-Oriented Floors can be easily changed or replaced using the wrench that comes with the stirrups. This allows to change the style of the stirrup by mix and matching colors.

The same pair of arches can be mounted quickly on Oriented or Classic foot rests. This allows you with the purchase of and extra pair of foot rests to switch from a classic to angled stirrups. 

As with all Exalte® components, the rider can independently modify its initial configuration by opting over time for customization elements that are available on our site and available from our dealers.

When you purchase your pair of Exalte® stirrups, they comes ready assembled but the key to disassemble and assemble all the components is provided.

Exalte® Exactly me

Exalte® HDR Stainless steel Grips :

Exalte® offers an extremely effective grip thanks to a unique technology of HDR stainless steel spikes.

These spikes are of unparalleled hardness and ensure extreme durability keeping the riders foot stable in all situations.

The Exalte® HDR Stainless Steel Spikes eject excess sand or dirt with every movement thus avoiding sand and mud building on the foot rest.

True to its promise of quality and attention to detail, the spikes follow the design of the iconic Exalte® logo, reaffirming elegance and refinement.

Exalte® Exactly me ! 

Exalte® arch color :

The decision to use aeronautical aluminium to make the Exalte® stirrups was also motivated by the fact that it would ensure an anodization (coloring technique) with a quality and durable rendering with a minimal environmental impact.

Eight colors are permanently available and periodically, limited series will be available on our website and at our dealers.

Exalte® Exactly me !

Stickers and magnets to further customize your look :

- Exalte® Central Sticker

- Small Exalte® Magnet 

- Large Exalte® Magnet 

Choose your extra strong magnets from an extensive range of colors and designs. the Exalte® Magnets feature discreet notches, allowing them to be easily changed and removed. Indeed, you will have to bring a paper clip or a tip thin enough to push the Magnet gently, pressing you on the notch.

Exalte® Exactly me !

Stainless Steel Screws:

Attention to detail is also evident in the choice of screws required for a perfect assembly of the Exalte® stirrups.

Also, to enable the many customization options, Exalte® uses two screw formats.

The set of two screws allows you to change the type of arch or insert.

The set of three screws allows you to change the floor type, as well as the Shock Absorber.

When you purchase your pair of Exalte® stirrups, they comes ready assembled but the key to disassemble and assemble all the components is provided.

Exalte® Exactly me !

Ready to take the leap and buy your pair of Exalte® stirrups ?

The stirrups are available through a network of official Exalte® dealers:

To find a store, nothing could be more simple :

Design your stirrups by selecting all your options, you will be able to download your design and receive a list of all the vending points where your design is available.

The Exalte® brand does not market stirrups directly via its website.


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