Exalte angle change inserts
  • Exalte angle change inserts
  • Exalte angle change inserts

Exalte angle change inserts

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Exalte angle change inserts

MODELE: 0°-Plat

Exalte angle change inserts

Exalte® Inserts  :

Imagining that « one angle suits all » for a stirrup footrest would be to totally disregard the different equestrian activities and the variety of age, shapes, sizes, and experience in which riders come.


Inventiveness knows no bounds and the high-end Exalte® stirrups have risen to the challenge creating a footrest with an adjustable angle.


The research and development unit in charge of the manufacture of the Exalte® stirrups, after analyzing the natural position of several riders, has identified 4 incline positions that should allow each individual to optimize his riding.


Each Exalte® stirrup owner can adapt the inclination of the Exalte® floors to their needs and in complete autonomy.


The Exalte® inserts can be interchanged in order to choose from four different degrees:


- Exalte® 0° inserts for riders enjoying a perfectly flat


- Exalte® 3° Inserts for riders wanting a slightly sloping footrest


- Exalte® 6° inserts for jumpers looking for a distinctly sloped footrest


- Exalte®  inserts for riders who naturally ride with very low heels


The Exalte® inserts can be changed  quickly and easily with the provided key.


The interchangeability of the inserts is achieved by simply unscrewing/screwing the two stainless screws located under the footrest.


Exalte® Exactly me !

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