Exalte Shock Absorber
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Exalte Shock Absorber

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Exalte Shock Absorber

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Shock Absorber Exalte Personnalisables

Like a sensory catalyst,  the Exalte stirrups optimize the movements initiated by the rider while absorbing the shock waves transmitted to the joints and  muscles.


The vibrations caused by the impact of the horses movements are diffused by the shock absorbers the rider is more fixed and better balanced and the horse is more comfortable, particularly in his back.


Day after day, the repetition of parasitic postural compensations are responsible for muscle tension, and joint pains. Thanks to X-jump stirrups, riders rediscover the pleasure of easy balance and relaxed joints when riding, enabling them to be more at one with their horse and better use their natural seat.

The special feature of the Shock Absorber Exalte® is its structure, but also its position in the stirrup. The Shock Absorber Exalte® fits into the entire periphery of the floor, ensuring maximum efficiency in all situations or areas of rider support.


While stopping the vibrations, the Shock Absorber Exalte® adapts its behavior according to the intensity of the impact:


- With firmness during powerful impacts, for maximum dynamism and safety


- With suppleness when applying discreet aides for maximum precision and comfort


Riders who are subject to fragile ankles, knees and hips and rider suffering from back or neck muscles pains will appreciate the outstanding effects of the Exalte® Shock Absorbers.


In order to fulfill expectations and to reinforce without any negligence the promise of a vibration free experience, cylindrical elements are carefully crimped and inserted by hand, thus cutting all transmission of shock waves between the floor and its support.


Riders who want to preserve their health by opting for Exalte® stirrups are guaranteed unparalleled comfort. In addition to satisfy attention to detail and aesthetics, the  Exalte® Shock Absorber comes in a variety of different colors and can easily be changed to suit you look of the day !


Like all Exalte® components, the Exalte® Shock Absorber can be purchased separately in order to replace or revamp your stirrups.


Exalte® Exactly me !

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