Exalte Foot rest change
  • Exalte Foot rest change
  • Exalte Foot rest change
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Exalte Foot rest change

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Exalte Foot rest change

Color: Blue
MODELE: Droit Classique

Exalte Foot rest change

Exalte Foot rest : 

Exalte foot rests offer a sleek design, a firm grip, a slightly curved shape, and the ideal width to accommodate all types of boots.

The Exalte® Classic-Oriented Floors can be easily changed or replaced using the wrench that comes with the stirrups. This allows to change the style of the stirrup by mix and matching colors.

The same pair of arches can be mounted quickly on Oriented or Classic foot rests. This allows you with the purchase of and extra pair of foot rests to switch from a classic to angled stirrups. 

As with all Exalte® components, the rider can independently modify its initial configuration by opting over time for customization elements that are available on our site and available from our dealers.


HDR Stainless Steel Pins:

Exalte® offers an extremely effective grip thanks to a unique technology of HDR stainless steel spikes.

These spikes are of unparalleled hardness and ensure extreme durability keeping the riders foot stable in all situations.

The Exalte® HDR Stainless Steel Spikes eject excess sand or dirt with every movement thus avoiding sand and mud building on the foot rest.

True to its promise of quality and attention to detail, the spikes follow the design of the iconic Exalte® logo, reaffirming elegance and refinement.


Stainless Steel Screws:

Attention to detail is also evident in the choice of screws required for a perfect assembly of the Exalte® stirrups.

Also, to enable the many customization options, Exalte® uses two screw formats.

The set of two screws allows you to change the type of arch or insert.

The set of three screws allows you to change the floor type, as well as the Shock Absorber.

When you purchase your pair of Exalte® stirrups, they comes ready assembled but the key to disassemble and assemble all the components is provided.


Exalte® Exactly me!

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